UNODC EWA: Stimulants continue to dominate the NPS market

VIENNA, Austria – September 2023:  A total of 1,209 unique new psychoactive substances have been reported to the UNODC Early Warning Advisory on NPS (EWA) up to 2022. Stimulants continue to constitute the largest group of NPS at 33 percent, followed by synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonists (29 percent), classic hallucinogens (14 percent) and synthetic opioids (11 percent).

The number of unique NPS reported decreased from 618 substances in 2021, the highest number reported so far, to 561 NPS in 2022. The decrease in the number of substances has been similar across all effects groups in terms of proportion. The number of unique NPS reported has been close to or above 500 substances in all years since 2015.  

Figure 1: Number of unique NPS reported each year to the UNODC EWA, by effect group, up to 2022

Source: UNODC Early Warning Advisory on New Psychoactive Substances, 2023.

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